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Gun collector’s arrest reveals the frightening truth about gun control

It’s not unusual for gun-control supporters to look toward countries like Australia when defending their argument.

After a series of shooting in the 1990s, Australia enacted one of the strictest gun-control laws on the planet. Amnesty programs were established allowing people to give up their unregistered guns without any explanation or punishment for owning the weapons in the first place. Anyone found possessing an unregistered weapon is subject to arrest.

That’s exactly what happened to a gun collector from a rural area in north-western New South Wales, but how the authorities found his collection is even more disturbing.

More than 100 guns were seized by the NSW Police earlier this week. The image above was shared on Facebook by the police department with the following explanation,

A man has now been charged in relation to more than 100 firearms seized by police from a rural property in Cobar at the weekend.

About 9.45am on Sunday 31 December 2017, detectives from Darling River Local Area Command attended the property for the purposes of a firearms audit and spoke with a resident.

During a subsequent search of the property, officers located and seized 118 firearms, including revolvers, rifles, shotguns and shortened rifles.

It is alleged 109 of those firearms were unregistered and not stored safely.

Thousands of rounds of ammunition were also seized.

Following further investigations, a 56-year-old man was arrested at Cobar Police Station today (Thursday 4 January 2018) and charged with the unauthorised possession of firearms in circumstances of aggravation and not keeping firearm safely.

The man’s firearms licence was also suspended.

He was granted conditional bail to appear at Cobar Local Court on Wednesday 24 January 2018.

There was no evidence to suggest that the appropriately licensed owner was planning to use his collection for nefarious purposes. There was no evidence of suspicious behavior. The owner was not a suspected arms dealer, nor was he suspected of any other crime. He simply owned a large collection of firearms and failed to register some of those weapons with the government. This means that police arrived at his home, entered it, and demanded access to his entire collection simply because they could.

It’s not unusual for foreigners to question the purpose of the 2nd Amendment. “Why are you afraid of your own government?” they often ask.

While the current reigning powers may not be tyrannical, there’s no guarantee that their successors won’t be. The 2nd Amendment protects your right to keep and bear arms. Without it, responsible citizens can and will be treated like the criminals gun-control supporters hope to stop. Without the 2nd Amendment, a tyrannical government has the power to legally disarm its citizens under the veil of “national security.”

Under the logic of absolute gun-control, it is better to arrest a responsible civilian simply for owning a firearm.

Look to Australia and appreciate your rights while you still have them.

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