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How Trump can’t say no to his family and is totally reliant on his comms director

With Melania Trump often keeping a low profile, White House staffers refer to first daughter Ivanka Trump as her father’s ‘real wife’ and Communications Director Hope Hicks as the president’s ‘real daughter,’ a new book alleged.

Author Michael Wolff, who wrote the forthcoming ‘Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House’ revealed these designations in the context of who is now closest to Trump, with many high-level aides leaving within the president’s first year.

That distinction goes to Hicks, the president’s 29-year-old former campaign press secretary who Wolff said is now Trump’s ‘most powerful White House advisor.’

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‘Hicks’ primary function was to tend to the Trump ego, to reassure him, to protect him, to buffer him, to soothe him,’ Wolff wrote in a story about the writing of his book, published Thursday by the Hollywood Reporter.

‘It was Hicks who, attentive to his lapses and repetitions, urged him to forgo an interview that was set to open the 60 Minutes fall season,’ the author continued. ‘Instead, the interview went to Fox News’ Sean Hannity who, White House insiders happily explained, was willing to supply the questions beforehand.’

In a preview of the book published Thursday in the Hollywood Reporter, Wolff also explained how Trump couldn’t say no to his kids, casting this characteristic as ‘foolishness.’

‘It’s a littleee, littleee complicated,’ the president reportedly told his first Chief of Staff Reince Priebus when explaining why he wanted to give Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner official White House jobs.

They’re now serving as senior advisers in the West Wing.

However, Wolff did not describe their tenure as a happy one.

‘By July, Jared and Ivanka, who had, in less than six months, traversed from socialite couple to royal family to the most powerful people in the world, were now engaged in a desperate dance to save themselves, which mostly involved blaming Trump himself,’ Wolff wrote Thursday in the Hollywood Reporter.

‘It was all his idea to fire Comey!’ the couple nicknamed ‘Javanka’ reportedly said, referring to Trump’s ouster of the former FBI director that prompted the appointment of a special counsel.

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, who Trump blames for the bulk of the book, as he was one of Wolff’s most prominent sources, reportedly told people that ‘The daughter … will bring down the father.’

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