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AGAIN: Johnson & Johnson Ordered To Pay $417 Million In Lawsuit Linking Popular Product To Ovarian Cancer

On Monday, Johnson & Johnson was ordered by a Los Angeles jury to pay $417 million to a woman who brought a lawsuit against the company. The woman claims that the company’s popular baby powder causes ovarian cancer when applied regularly for feminine hygiene. Eve Echeverria of California alleged that …

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If you find a woman hiding in this picture you have an above average IQ

Here we go! This is today’s brain teaser and puzzle for those of you who need a fix. German artist Jörg Düsterwald is one of the best painters in the world, and he has perfected the art of hiding models in plain sight! In the image below, there is a …

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Water turns red as 250 endangered whales were killed.

God created man to take care of the creatures He made. But sadly, there have been numerous cases of brutal animal slaughtering reported around the world. There’s the Yulin Dog Meat Festival wherein 10,000 dogs were slaughtered.There are also reports of cats being tortured, boiled alive and served in China. …

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Donald Trump squinted and pointed skyward before donning protective glasses

President Donald Trump squinted and pointed skyward before donning protective glasses to take in the solar eclipse at the White House.The president was joined by wife Melania, son Barron and top aides Monday afternoon to view the spectacle from the portico overlooking the South Lawn. The White House originally said …

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37 Million Bees Found Dead in Ontario, Canada After Planting Large GMO Corn Field

Local Ontario farmer, Nathan Carey, reported that this spring there were not enough bees on his farm. He believes, as do many others, that there is a strong correlation between the disappearance of bees and the use of insecticides. For the last seven consecutive years, honeybees have been in decline, …

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The Symbol You Choose From Below Gives a Clear Message for Your Future!

This is a simple quiz that has been making its way around the internet, and supposedly it reveals enough about your personality that it can help you predict your future. Whether or not you are someone who believes in psychics, horoscopes, or even Nostradamus’ predictions for the future, we think …

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